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Nestled in the heart of Athens, Priority Travel is your premier gateway to the wonders of Greece and captivating destinations worldwide. Dive deep into our meticulously crafted travel holiday packages that encompass the essence of every location, guaranteeing you memories etched in time. Whether it's the historic allure of Greece or the bustling cities across the globe, our array of services ensures a seamless travel experience.

At Priority Travel, we offer more than just vacations – we curate experiences. With tickets available for boats, trains, and planes, your journey begins the moment you choose us. Relish unbeatable hotel deals and explore the world on our exceptional cruises and tours. Our transfers guarantee smooth transitions, letting you immerse in the destination without a hitch. And for those seeking insider knowledge, our expert tips are the cherry on top, ensuring you savor every moment of your adventure.

Your dream holiday awaits. With Priority Travel, you don’t just travel; you experience.


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  • This is the travel experience as it should be! Based on our budget, they provide airline tickets, directions and advice, professional service, and a trip abroad that remains unforgettable. If someone doesn't want to organize the trip on their own, they can easily contact this agency.

  • Service was immediate and impeccable, and not only that, they also suggested various things I could do or visit at my destination. I was surprised by their professionalism and how much they wanted me to be satisfied. From now on, I will definitely book all my trips through them. I highly recommend it without reservation.

  • Priority Travel helped me organise the best trips of my life and create memories I will never forget. Their principles include precise and friendly communication, efficiency, personalisation (according to the traveller's needs) and consistency...

  • When started planing our trip to Panamá 🇵🇦 we chose Priority travel just from a google search, due to the 5 star reviews they had by the time. And believe me they deserve each & every one of them.

    Our aim was to find the golden ratio between cost and flight duration and Elias relentless effort got us the best we could ask for.

  • Fantastic Travel agents!

    Me and my partner had a hoilday in Athens. We wanted to see other places so came accross Priority Travel and Tourism via Google search, i called and was happy…

  • My trip to Berlin was on point all thanks to Mr Elias and his personalised approach on travelling. Always available when I needed clarifications, make sure to choose Priority to make the best out of your trips ✌️

  • From the friendliest staff. Extremely helpful, practical, and very polite. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for doing your job in such a beautiful way.

  • Exceptional travel agency... the service for everything we asked for was immediate... all of them are polite and really take care of their clients... thank you very much for all the trips we have taken... I highly recommend it!!!!!!!

  • 1st time last week that I traveled through this particular overseas office, and my experience was very positive. Excellent service from Mr. Ilias, who found me flights and hotel for Budapest at excellent prices and location, and informed me exactly about every detail of the trip. I highly recommend it